David's Life in the Psalms: Lessons from the Holy Land (DVD)

Whose life is considered important to God? Well, who did God choose to write more about than any other single person in the whole history of the world? The answer is: David. 

Listen and learn from these lessons on the Psalms and David’s life. We will hear David describe his walk with the Lord through every challenging day of his very public life. Watch Dr. Barnett deliver twelve lessons from the places where David wrote the Psalms, and see selected Psalms delivered by an actor in the historic Holy Land locales where David would have walked and talked with God. 

There are more Bible chapters (141) devoted to the life of David than any other person next to God Himself. Come with us as we experience God’s words through the life of David—the man after God’s own heart.

This DVD contains 12 practical Biblical video lessons. It will play in DVD players, computers or Blu-ray players. Feel free to use these lessons in any small group, Bible study, or personal study.

$18.99 $24.99

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